Research paper

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Research paper

Research work is the student’s independent work experience. This problem is relevant for high school students. The study of the algorithm for writing work is not only an interesting and cognitive process but also a work that allows you to determine the possibility of creativity in writing and design. In the course of studying this question, it will become clear that the design of the research work cannot be derogated from the generally accepted rules, and creativity is welcomed within reasonable limits, in the case of the first writing experience. Also work on the topic allows you to learn how to use additional literature and systematize the chosen material.

Stages of preparation and writing

1. Preparation for work includes:

Selection of a topic.

Determination of the subject and object of research (which is better to do together with the work supervisor).

Definition of goals and objectives of the work.

Formulation of the hypothesis.

Preparing an indicative work plan.

At this stage, consultation with the study leader is needed to clarify the direction of work.

Work with literature consists in:

Studying sources, studies, publications on the topic.

The abstract presentation of the studied literature.

Analysis and systematization of materials.

Selection of arguments, quotations from the literature, which will be given in the research work.

Design of the concept of work is:

The formulation of the main theses.

Thinking through the logic of presentation of its position.

Editing a plan.

Distribution of material in parts of the plan.

Registration of work should be made in accordance with the requirements for such work. It is important to pay attention to the lexical processing of the text and the style of presentation.

Requirements for research work

The chosen topic should be problematic (have ambiguous interpretations in the literature, which is not sufficiently developed in practice, cause certain difficulties in practice management, etc.).

The material must be selected according to the topic.

The available points of view on this problem are indicated and briefly analyzed.

The student must reasonably support any point of view or present his position based on an analysis of existing points of view.

 Work must have logic in the presentation of the material, interview the scientific style.