June 22, 2017 - CONTENT SCHEDULE
President's Opening Remarks
Dave Westin, President & Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship

KEYNOTE Presentation - Building an App Business from Start-Up to Sale
Wilson Kriegel, CBO, PicsArt

Wilson Kriegel, CBO, PicsArt presents key strategies on how to build an app business from Start-Up to Sale. Wilson will draw from his numerous experiences & learnings of building small businesses, to heavily funded start-ups, over a 15 year period, across consumer facing digital platforms. Serving as both a founder, and acting for Founders, from 6 figure, to 7, to 8, 9 transaction deals and working towards opportunity 10 figure company, at Picsart; over time.

  • Wilson Kriegel
    Wilson Kriegel Chief Business Officer PicsArt
PRESENTATION: Get Onboard with Rewarded: The Exciting World & Future of Rewarded Video
Benny Wong, Co-Founder & CTO, Timehop
Julia Martin, Senior Manager, Business Development, MoPub

Rewarded video has become a hot ad format for game publishers — but it's time to think bigger. This session will explore how rewarded video ads are not only loved by users, but can add value for any type of mobile app in any vertical. We'll share plenty of real world examples to get you thinking about how this ad format could unlock new monetization opportunities for your business.

  • Benny-Wong
    Benny Wong Co-Founder and CEO Timehop
  • Julia-Martin
    Julia Martin Senior Manager, Business Development MoPub
PANEL: Blending Brand and Performance Marketing: What Works For App Marketers (Presented by Women in Wireless)
• MODERATOR: Farzana Nasser, Global Co-President, Women in Wireless
Jennifer Chon, CRM Manager, GLAMSQUAD
Ashley Christiano, Senior Marketing Manager, Reuters Consumer
Trish Mikita, VP Digital Media Strategy, AccuWeather
Ngozi Ogbonna, Director of UA, Today Tix

Presented by Women In Wireless. More Panelists TBA shortly.

  • Farzana-Nasser
    Farzana Nasser Global Co-President Women In Wireless
  • Jennifer Chon CRM Manager Glamsquad
  • Ashley-Christiano
    Ashley Christiano Senior Marketing Manager Reuters
  • Trish Mikita
    Trish Mikita Vice President, Digital Media Strategy AccuWeather
  • Ngozi Ogbonna Director of UA TodayTix
PANEL: The Value of Viewability - What Mobile Publishers Need to Know to Unlock Budgets Today
• MODERATOR: Will Shalhoub, Associate Manager, Strategic Publisher Management, MoPub
Nick Hermansader, VP Advertising Operations, MeetMe
Catherine Patterson, Senior Director, The Trade Desk
Joseph Quaglia, Sr Director, Business Development, IAS - Integral Ad Science

Viewability measurement has been a hot topic in the digital industry for some time, but it's just now starting to become a reality for mobile app publishers and developers. Learn firsthand what viewability measurement means for mobile in-app and how taking action now can unlock major ad budgets for the rest of the year.

  • William-Shalhoub
    Will Shalhoub Associate Manager, Strategic Publisher Manangement MoPub
  • Nick-Hermansader
    Nick Hermansader VP Advertising Operations The Meet Group
  • Joseph Quaglia
    Joseph Quaglia Sr Director, Business Development Integral Ad Science
FEATURED SESSION: Taking The Leap: Risking it All For Sustainable Success
• MODERATOR: Nicole Harris, COO, Slyce
Joanna Lord, CMO, Classpass
Justin McLeod, Founder & CEO, Hinge

When you have a great deal of marketing out there, everyone knows your Brand, and you have a healthy MAU...then you pivot your pricing and business model. This risky maneuver isn't for the faint of heart. Hear how two brave companies, ClassPass and Hinge, took the leap and made massive shifts in their products in order to achieve sustainable success.

  • Nicole Harris
    Nicole Harris COO Slyce
  • Joanna-Lord
    Joanna Lord CMO ClassPass
  • Justin-McLeod
    Justin McLeod CEO Hinge
PRESENTATION: In-App Header Bidding - A New Era of Ad Serving
Andrew Gerhart, Chief Operating Officer, AerServ

Header bidding is on a roll. But, how do mobile apps take advantage of this technology to drive incremental yield? AerServ talks through the benefits of header bidding, and how the technology will change mobile app advertising for the better.

  • Andrew Gerhart COO AerServ
Sponsored by Tenjin.

Lunch will be provided on-site for all attendees in the Steven Spielberg Gallery.

PANEL: Using Content Marketing & Audience Targeting for Efficient User Acquisition
• MODERATOR: Vivian Chang, Director of Digital Marketing, RetailMeNot
Jessica Mann, Mobile & Social Marketing, Gilt
Beatrice Olivas, VP of NA Performance Advertising, InMobi
Ben Clark, VP of Customer Retention, SeatGeek
Sam Arnold, Director of Growth, Simple Contacts

The most efficient User Acquisition strategies are the holy grail of Mobile Growth. We’re constantly in pursuit of the channels which will give us the highest quality (and quantity) of users for the most cost-effective spend. In this session, our panel will focus on how Content Marketing (an often over looked channel in mobile) can be used to better target optimal audiences and drive some the most efficient ROI during your quest for the best users with the highest LTVs.

  • Moderator
    Vivian Chang Director, Digital Marketing RetailMeNot
  • Sam Arnold
    Sam Arnold Director Growth Simple Contacts
  • Ben Clark VP, Customer Retention SeatGeek
  • Jessica-Mann
    Jessica Mann Mobile & Social Marketing Gilt / Saks 5th Ave
PANEL: Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Programmatic Landscape
• MODERATOR: Tim McCloud, Mobile Product Marketing, Adobe
Kurt Bieg, CEO, Simple Machine
Andrew Gerhart, Chief Operating Officer, AerServ
Katie Madding, Global Product Director, Adjust
Richard Welch, Head of Programmatic Advertising, Flipboard

Buying Programmatically has some great benefits, but a few downsides as well. How can you utilize the great benefits of programmatic advertising such as cost-efficient (ideally) spends, broad reach, and freeing up your team to work faster and more efficiently, while still navigate around the pitfalls of Programmatic such as Fraud, lack of Viewability, lack of Transparency when buying through agencies/mediators, and possibly low engagement rates or potentially repetitive placements. Our panel of experts span across the Programmatic landscape, and will help you understand how to buy efficiently, how to increase transparency, best ways to be identify and avoid fraud, and ensure the impressions you’re paying for are actually viewable. The overall goal of this panel is to help you learn how to optimize your programmatic buys for maximum efficiency.

  • Tim-McCloud
    Tim McCloud Group Manager, Mobile Product Marketing - Photo & Video Adobe
  • Kurt Bieg
    Kurt Bieg CEO Simple Machine
  • Andrew Gerhart COO AerServ
  • Katie Hutcherson
    Katie Madding Director of Product Adjust
  • Richard Welch Head of Programmatic Advertising Flipboard
PRESENTATION: How to Leverage Mobile Growth Through Bots
• MODERATOR: Adelyn Zhou, Founder & CMO, TOPBOTS

Bots are all the rage. With more than 4,000 skills on Amazon Alexa and 20,000 bots on Facebook Messenger, bots are promising to be the new frontier. What are bots? How do they work? And more importantly, how can mobile app developers and publishers leverage bots for growth?

  • Adelyn Zhou
    Adelyn Zhou Founder & CMO TOPBOTS
PRESENTATION: The Secret Sauce of the App Stores
Japheth Dilman, CEO & Co-Founder, CLEVR

With the continual evaluation of iTunes and Google Play app stores, how do experts maximize free installs from search, app page, and chart rankings?

  • Japheth Dillman CEO & Co-Founder CLEVR
PRESENTATION: Video Ads - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Robb Sala, Director of Business Development, InMobi

PANEL: Retention/Engagement
• MODERATOR: Irina Yakupov, Business Devleopment, AdXperience
Alexandre Douzet, Co-Founder & CEO, Ollie
Beth Murphy, SVP Marketing, iHeartRadio
Tatiana Tacca, Senior Account Manager, WME/IMG

  • Irina Yakupov
    Irina Yakupov Director of Operations Adxperience
  • Alexandre-Douzet
    Alexandre Douzet Co-founder and CEO Ollie
  • Beth Murphy SVP Marketing iHeartRadio
  • Tatiana Tacca
    Tatiana Tacca Senior Account Manager WME|IMG
PANEL: The Data You Should Know - Measuring, Tracking and Optimizing Lifetime Value & Engagement
How should you measure and track lifetime value and engagement? How are marketers doing this on mobile? What should you track, and how should you analyze it. How can advanced data science and machine learning can help optimize UA and Retention/Engagement?

• MODERATOR: Sayf Sharif, Director of Analytics, Seer Interactive
Deniz Gezgin, Interim GM Digital/Mobile, Topps
Fabien-Pierre Nicholas, Head of US Marketing, SmartNews
Shoji Ueki, Sr Director, Growth Marketing, SeatGeek
  • Sayf-Sharif
    Sayf Sharif Director of Analytics Seer Interactive
  • Deniz Gezgin Director of UA & Interim GM - Digital/Mobile Topps
  • Fabien-Pierre Nicolas Head of US Marketing SmartNews
  • Currently lead digital marketing at SeatGeek (live event tickets). Previously led growth and sales at OrderAhead (mobile ordering) and growth at Kiwi (mobile gaming).
    Shoji Ueki Sr Director, Growth Marketing SeatGeek
PRESENTATION: The Revolution is Upon Us! How Native Mobile Can Help You Capitalize on Mobile-First Consumers
Peter Szabo, CRO, Head of Partnerships, Mammoth Media

The Mobile-First Consumer is sprouting up across all major target demographics, and especially ubiquitous among the younger generations. This growing type of consumer expects the content they want to be available any time, anywhere on any device. How do companies evolve to meet this new demand? In this session, Peter Szabo, CRO & Head of Partnerships at Mammoth Media, will explore the trends that have brought us to today's smartphone dominated society, and how you can leverage content consumption, brand message and advertising strategies to best connect with this growing user base which is dominating the mobile app ecosystem.

  • Peter Szabo
    Peter Szabo CRO, Head of Partnerships Mammoth Media
FEATURED SESSION: Major Sports Leagues in Mobile
• MODERATOR: Chris R. Vaccaro, Editor-In-Chief / Director of Live Operations, Topps
Michael Amin, Category Director - Interactive Games, Digital Products & Services, MLB Players Association
Nikki Pozzi, VP Consumer Products - Brand, Marketing & Retail, NFL
Chris Schlosser, SVP & General Manager,Digital, Major League Soccer
Matt Restivo, Sr Director of Mobile Product & Growth, MLB

Topps Interviews 3 Major Sports Leagues about their Mobile Marketing Strategies.

  • Moderator
    Chris R. Vaccaro Editor-In-Chief / Director of Live Operations Topps
  • Michael Amin
    Michael Amin Category Director - Interactive Games, Digital Products & Servcies MLBPA
  • Nikki Pozzi
    Nikki Pozzi VP, Consumer Products - Brand, Marketing & Retail NFL
  • Matt Restivo
    Matt Restivo Sr. Director of Mobile Product & Growth MLBAM
  • Chris Schlosser
    Chris Schlosser SVP & General Manager, Digital MLS - Major League Soccer
Event Closing Remarks
Dave Westin, President & Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship

The Open Bar Networking After Party will be held on-site in the Steven Spielberg Gallery room.

* agenda is subject to change