Uf dissertation award

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Uf dissertation award

Not everyone is able to write a dissertation. This is a work where a particular experience is concentrated, and a high level of qualification is shown. Dealing with the topic of the thesis, the author often runs out of ideas, even leaves the force at some point. So ardently and persistently starting to write his own argument, the author gradually reduces the daily norm he defines or decides to take a break. The latter is sometimes delayed, and one of the likely factors for such a reduction in working capacity is an incorrectly planned schedule for the day. During this period, the author of scientific work should think about, pull himself together and develop a system of presentation, which will give the opportunity to competently and efficiently tell about the subject, discipline or research.

A graduate student does not know how to set tasks, and this is a common phenomenon, which is pointless to be surprised. The ability to accurately set tasks will come only with experience. And for this, it is necessary to work a lot and responsibly. And here there are two problems:

How to choose a worthy supervisor?

How to choose the actual topic of the thesis?

Choose a leader who is willing to devote time to you, is interested in you and is interested in your activities. The leader must be an intellectual, a professional in his field who wants to learn.

As for the tasks, it is worthwhile to distinguish them from problems. In science, there are always unsolved problems that need to be solved. The job is necessarily specific; it clearly defines what we plan to receive.

Plan your activities in such a way that you go to bed, for example, at 21: 00-21: 30, and wake up at 5-6 in the morning. Even if you think that at night you are more alert and energetic, this is often a big mistake. After 4-5 hours of productive activity, it is advisable to go to rest again. If you set a goal, it will be possible to write a dissertation in a short time.