Write my dissertation

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Write my dissertation

The central part of your dissertation is definitely the introduction. This is basic. Even if a person reads the dissertation to the end, the idea of ​​work is formed by the introduction. An introduction may range from one-fifth to one-quarter of your work.

First of all, this is the rationale of the topic. This is where the research question is formulated. Your task is to explain why this issue is essential to deal with.

 Then the question arises: what is already known about this? What answers were given to it? Which parts of this question have you tried to answer? You must draw an essential position: such and such authors cover this question. It is not necessary to state their positions in full.

Some topics are very well studied. Then you select multiple sources. If the topic is poorly understood, then it is advisable to cover everything. And then, having seen what has already been done, you understand what you have to do.

And the third mandatory part of your introduction is an explanation of the structure of your work. The rest is up to you.


The second significant point is the conclusion. It should be shorter than the introduction. And here there are two options:

1. briefly summarize what questions were asked, what answers were received

2. Show your perspective.

Two options are easy to combine.

The thesis should be performed according to the standard. Everyone is able to do it. For this, you need a certain amount of time, diligence, accuracy and clarity.

When you use sources and find something meaningful, take your extracts right away: copy a quote, record the source, date of viewing. Never postpone.

I would not advise working at night. At night it is worth working only in one case: if you plan to finish by morning. The person still endures two sleepless nights, and at the third one completely loses control over the text. Productivity can increase, and control over what you produce is lost. Just work carefully on schedule and demand its performance from the supervisor.